Save Croydon Libraries want to amplify the voice of children and young people

Children and young people LOVE and NEED their libraries.

Our public libraries provide a safe and welcoming space for study, leisure, relaxing, meeting up with others, homework, activities, talks, access to PCs, the internet, a whole host of books and MORE!

And….. all of this comes with the assistance of skilled library workers  – librarians and library assistants – who offer help, guidance and suggestions, as needed.

It is often one of the first places that parents allow children to go to unaccompanied as it is a trusted space with experienced, trained library workers on hand.


Children and young people have added their voices to campaigning for our public libraries in Croydon in the past. That’s not so easy during pandemic restrictions, so we’ve produced some activity sheets to download.

Use these or create your own to spread the word of the campaign and the plight of our public libraries and have your voice heard.

FIVE Croydon libraries are under threat and any cuts will affect the whole service.

We want them properly funded, stocked and staffed!

Save Croydon Libraries poster

Colour, paint or decorate the poster any way you like.

Feel free to use whatever materials you like.

Are there things you can add that we’ve missed?

You could even just create your own!  If so, do please add the campaign name, the social media @SaveCroydonLibs and our website

Download a copy here:  Save Croydon Libraries sheet 1.

Create a placard

Download out placard here: Save Croydon Libraries placard

Or create your own out of paper, card or any scrap materials. The bigger the better!

What will your slogan be?

What image or images will you use?

What materials do you have to hand or will make the most impact?

How will you make the message stand out?

Don’t forget to add the Campaign name, the social media tag @SaveCroydonLibs and our website

I love my local library because…

Which is your local library? Perhaps you use more than one. The library service is a network so perhaps you just value public libraries in Croydon generally.

Write about why you love your local library or our libraries in Croydon.

There is space around it for you to illustrate your ideas, if you like.

Download a copy Save Croydon Libraries book

You might just like to create your own letter or post for our website. We’d love to see it!

Your ideas
These are just starters, created for the campaign by a young artist and Croydon resident who has benefitted from libraries in Croydon and wants to ensure that others do too!

You may have another brilliant idea for spreading the message about the campaign and if you do, we’d love to hear from you!

What can you do with your work?

  • Display it in your window, on a notice board, on your fence, in a corridor of a building where you live or where you go to school. Do make sure you get permission, first!
  • Will your local shop put up a copy?
  • Will your place of worship put it on display?
  • Might your friends or groups you attend like to take part or run a competition for the most creative idea/most ey-catching design/best slogan?

We’d love to see your completed work and creations!
Send us an image of your work for us to display and to post on our website and social media.

Please ask a parent to send it to us at or they can share it on our social media.

This could be an image of your work, and/or a photo of where it is displayed.

We can’t wait to see your work!

And, if you have another idea, we’d love to hear it/

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