Save Croydon Libraries update – August 2021

The details, including the transcript and recording of the Cabinet meeting item on libraries is now on the website here and here.

Do also take a look at the Equalities Impact Assessment and other reports in the Council papers uploaded at the foot of the post here These clearly demonstrate how poorly the Council’s consultation was in reaching the diverse communities of Croydon.
Were you emailed about the consultation?
The response from Croydon Central Library users was highest.  Not surprising really as this appears to be the only group of library users who were actually emailed about the consultation, further skewing the results.
The campaign goes on
We may have dodged outsourcing and community-run libraries, for now, but the cuts agreed will still have a massive impact on not only opening hours but on staffing, with 15 full-time posts now to be deleted.
And let’s not forget that the current administration has made these cuts to save in the region of £500K, yet has bailed out Brick by Brick in loans to the tune of £200 MILL and spent £76MILL on the yet to be completed Fairfield Halls – an overspend of £46K on the original budget.

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